Why you should make us your home

Law Enforcment

We have around 80 Law Enforcment Officers to patrol the state of San Andreas. There mission is to protect and serve.


We have a very active and well trained fire department. San Andreas Fire Department attends both Fire and EMS calls.

Staff Team

We have a very large staff team that is on constantly moderating the server and discord. We have people from all around the world to ensure your roleplay stays amazing.


Our server has an amazing Federal Aviation Administration. You can get certified from basic helicopers to advanced fighter jets.

Development Team

In addition to our staff team we also have our Development Team. This is a small team that includes making and writing scripts to making web applications to texturing vehicles and EUP.


We pride ourselves on having little to no down time. Some things to come up but we work fast to resolve any and all issues.


We have the best and most effective AntiCheat. We have this to ensure good roleplay for all server members.

VIP And Donators

We have a very advanced and fast donation program. You can buy VIP or donator cars on our Donation Site


We have events all the time. Such as parties, concerts, races and more.


Sometimes we do Discord Nitro or in game VIP giveaways.

Emergency Vehicles

All of our emergency vehicles are suited to our server, and they all work well for our departments.

Streaming And Recording

We love when people stream or record on our server. This is why we keep our server as streamer friendly as possible.